A story of a dreamer is always an intriguing one when the story leads to aspiring changes in the world. Pratikshya Pandey is one of such dreamers who dreams for her society, her country and the whole world which stands upon the foundations of stereotypes.

Pratikshya Pandey, Founder and CEO, Smart Cheli

In this chapter of Pillars of NWiC, get to know Anjeela Shrestha from NWIC!

Suneera Regmi believes that a lot of hard work, a lifelong learning attitude, and support from family are important for a successful career. Suneera, who aspires to fly in space someday, takes us on a journey of her incredible life story as an aerospace engineer.

Suneera Regmi, Senior Flight Operations Engineer & Chief of Flight Operations Document Control, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)

Himsheela Bharati is the Chairperson and Creative Director of Saedi Works, a Digital and Creative Agency that provides its expertise to national and international clients all over. Read her journey in tech that has been full of aspiring moments of achievements, hard work, and self-realization.

Himsheela Bharati, the Chairperson and Creative Director of Saedi Works

In this chapter of Pillars of NWiC, get to know our dear Vice President, Aachal Thapa!

Having a passion to impact people positively, yet not knowing how or where to start can be despairing. After considering a career in tech, Neeta found her way out and has been shining bright!

Neeta Timsina, The Co-founder and COO at Eydean, Inc.

“I have always been an explorer!” With a bright smile, breathtaking candor, and authenticity, Dovan Rai, Ph.D., takes us through the incredible journey that has been her life.

Dr. Dovan Rai; Research Fellow at Global Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (GIIS); Co-founder at Sujhaab Chautaari

Read about Manisha’s story of optimism, self-belief, and exploration: on how making the right decisions changed her life for good and trying every possible thing out as a kid — led her to be a go-getter.

Manisha Panta; Ph.D. student at the University of New Orleans

How much achievement and contributions do you think a 23-year-old can make? From being a Chief Technology Officer and Data Scientist at Kharpann to running The Click Reader as a Co-founder and Data Scientist, Merishna Singh Suwal is a woman anyone can look up to for inspiration. At such a young age, her remarkable feats have defied all the preconceived notion that women lag behind men in tech.

Merishna Singh Suwal; Co-founder at the Click Reader

Meet Irina Sthapit, one of our co-advisors in this chapter of Pillars of NWiC!

Nepali Women in Computing

Nepali Women in Computing (NWiC) is one of AnitaB Systers Affinity Groups and was founded in November 2019 to support Nepali women in tech.

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